To ensure the highest level of service, we work with one client at a time. At Leburu, our mission is to support you in reaching your goals.

We design brands that your customers will love.

Leburu is a full service creative design agency specializing in building brands that are workhorses. Our brand strategy & design services enable you to grow a meaningful business with simplicity and clarity. Our process ensures that your brand identity is in aligment with your business goals and helps to solidify your relationship with your customers.

Create a visual identity that endures the test of time.

We design and evaluate your logos based on 3 fundamental principles set forth by logo design expert, Sagi Haviv.

“Sagi Haviv is a partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv. He has designed over 60 identity programs, including those for the US Open Tennis Championships, Conservation International, Harvard University Press, Discovery+, L.A. Reid’s Hitco Entertainment, and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.” -

The 3 fundamentals are:

Watch the TED Talk by Sagi Havi to get an idea of the design principles we follow here at Leburu.

Our Process

Step 1: Discovery

The discovery session lays the foundation for the entire project. During this initial discussion session we will work to understand your business; your vision, your values, your customers and your competition. We will identify the design problems that need solutions and come to an understanding of the work that will be carried out and the deliveriables that will be created upon completion of the project.

Step 2: Research & Strategize

During this stage, we will be conducting customer, market, industry and competition research based on the information gathered in the discovery phase. The results of the research will guide the design strategy for the brand.

Step 3: Conceptualize & Design

Once the design strategy is finalized, we will be exploring various logo and brand identity concepts for final design and development.

Step 4: Refine

Final tweaking, minor adjustments and refinements will be carried out during this phase.

Step 5: Deliver

The deliverables of the project will be handed over to you and we will conduct a walkthrough session to guide you on the best practices in using your brand new logo and brand identity.

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